Irish Acres Organic Farm

Traditional, Diversified, Sustainable Farming in Harmony with Nature

Irish Acres is a small, diversified, sustainable farm near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Ultimately, it will be an organic farm producing both plant and animal products, but for now, it is in the regenerative stages of rebuilding its soil in anticipation of beginning cropping and animal husbandry in the spring of 2013. To prepare the land for organic agriculture, we are now doing the first of several cycles of fertilizer application using Thorvin organic kelp fertilizers with the application of mixed cover crops seeds from Midwestern Bio-Ag.  Our goal in doing so is to rebuild the soil's nutrients and humus through the use of "green manure" for two years with the introduction of animals in the third year (primarily chickens, turkeys, and either miniature Hereford or Belted Galloway cattle).

Current plans include vegetable cropping and a small orchard, with production of eggs, beef, and poultry meat, along with honey and bee-related products. Our goal is to revive this small piece of land in accordance with ecological and land stewardship principles as laid out in the Bible and in accordance with current practices of sustainable, organic, biological farming. Ultimately, we hope the farm will be financially, as well as ecologically, self-sustaining and will contribute in its own small way to a broader understanding of small, sustainable, diversified farming as well as the revival of rural America. Finally, it is our hope that Irish Acres will contribute to making healthy, organic fare available at competitive prices to underserved populations in the Bowling Green area.

For now, though, we are waiting for the kelp, trace minerals, earthworms, microbes, and cover crops to do their magic as they rebuild the soil in preparation for the animals and plants that will be growing there in the coming years. The fruit trees were set out in the fall of 2012 and the bees and livestock will arrive in 2014. We will keep you posted via this website on our progress.

Please feel free to contact us for further updates.
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